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Fire Escape Inspections

Our professional fire escape inspection services in New Jersey prioritize safety and compliance, providing peace of mind to property owners and managers. We conduct thorough assessments of fire escape systems, ensuring they meet local building and fire codes.

Our certified inspectors perform comprehensive examinations of all components, including stairs, platforms, ladders, handrails, anchors, and connections. Key aspects evaluated during inspections include:

Structural Integrity: We meticulously check for corrosion, rust, deterioration, or damage that may compromise the fire escape's stability.

Code Compliance: Our inspections verify adherence to New Jersey fire and building codes, assessing dimensions, clearances, step and riser heights, and other requirements.

Accessibility and Egress: We ensure that the fire escape provides unobstructed access and a safe means of egress from upper levels.

Functional Components: Our inspectors assess latches, gates, locks, and emergency lighting, verifying proper functionality during emergencies.

Maintenance and Repairs: If any deficiencies are found, we provide detailed recommendations for necessary repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.

Following the inspection, we deliver a comprehensive report outlining findings, violations, and recommendations. This report guides property owners in addressing identified issues and maintaining fire safety compliance.

Choosing our professional fire escape inspection services in New Jersey is crucial for maintaining safety and functionality. With our regular inspections, you can mitigate risks, protect occupants, and ensure compliance with local regulations, fostering a safer environment for all.

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